Automatic Blender for raw material

▼BLEND ACE, AW Series, Weighing Type Blender   ▼SCREW FEEDER, FS/MS Series, Capacitive type   ▼COLOR ACE, C/A series
Full - automatic, high precision, available from ultracompact to large size.   Continuous feed and mixing by high precise screw    

Fine Powder Removal Equipment

▼Magic Dust Separator, MDS Series   ▼Dust Separator Loader, DL Series   ▼DANCING LOADER
Fine powder removal equipment for fish-eye and gel at molding.   Efficient fine powder removal by transporting by loader.   Adding removal function for fine powder to standard loader. Patented Utility Model

Hopper Drier, Drying machine for raw material

▼CARD Air Dehumidification dryer   ▼Honeycomb Dehumidification dryer   ▼Hot air dryer (MLD series)
Dehumidification dryer without desiccant. (CARD Series) Designed for energy saving and eco product   Honeycomb Dehumidification dryer(HD series)    

Temperature controller

▼Temperature controller MK series   ▼Temperature controller MLC series   ▼CHILLING unit DH series
Improving pump capacity   We will contribute to customers seeking to improve molding stability and cycle efficiency.   Supplying dehumidified air with low dew point

Loader for supplying raw material Receiving and storage tank facilities

▼Magic Loader Series   ▼Receiving and storage facilities    
Transporting pellet and fine powder.
Available for small lot and large amount of raw material transportation
  Available for low volume up to large system      


▼Batch mixer, Raw material blender, DMV series   ▼Magic Ace Used amount management unit   ▼Magnet Separator, Metal remover
Easy blending for plastic material for injection and extrusion molding High accuracy DMV series   Management unit for used amount of raw material
Display unit for extrusion amount
  Removing pieces of metal, bolt and nut in raw material

Marking Solution, Inkjet printer

▼markem imaje 9020/9030 markem imaje 9040/9040CONTRAST        
Contactless marking method by inkjet can print out on the any surface condition, any materials.            

Tea Harvesting Machine

▼Tea Plucking Machine   ▼Pruning machine    
Collecting high quality tea-leaf and improving profitability   Improving Tea field management and proftability